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  • Script Question for Chuck

    Ok Chuck I have the weather mod but I want to make a button for it on the Cstartmodule to click on it to open it. How would I do this instead of going to digital mods and clicking on it.

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    Well you can make a new skin and place a button control in that skin and set the "Module To Show" property to the GUID of the script project followed by the name of the module you want to show i.e. {1FB0936A-FD23-4A41-86E3-61C3F3977B0F}\Main

    Alternatively, you could add a scripted overlay to the same script project, then restrict that overlay to only the CStartModule using the Overlay.AddModuleRestriction function in the OnCreate event of the overlay. Place a button on that overlay and again set its "Module To Show" property as mentioned above. This method would allow you to make a digitalmod that would work with any skin. Developer (I am Chuck)
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