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  • Europe SD issue

    Intermittantly i seem to loose tracking of the road overlay in sd. I have tried turning off gps smoothing and even setting the gpsbaud to match my reciever. When it happens the picture looks very similar to when SD messes up drawing pictures etc after gestureing.

    Sometimes if you adjust the zoom level it clears the problem (but not if you adjust the zoom back to the original level) and sometimes it doesnt ?

    Im just wondering if its down to the extra complication in european roads over american as SD doesnt have "snap to road" logic built in (which many pda etc have here in the uk to try and reduce this).

    I know europe SD isnt really released yet, but it is sort of beta testing so I would really like to know whats going on. (any suggestions for something i can try?)

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    Anyone? Or anyone with at least something i could try to clear this problem up?


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      Guess know one has any ideas then?


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        Dont wish to be rude, but its looking liek there isnt much interest in support for sd europe. We need issues to be sorted if this product is to be sucessfull in europe, we have been beta testing for a while and need support


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          I need a log and gps recording as indicated in the europe beta thread to help.
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            Ok i will set to work on getting a decent log and try some screen shots as well


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              Still not had chance to get a log off the computer but discovered something this weekend. The problem gos away if you toggle to virtual earth to hybrid then back to off. Whats interesting is that when you toggle to hybrid the car is on the correct road, yet before the toggle the display was just a load of coloured lines running virtically on the display... ? strange behaviour... i have the latest graphics drivers etc, and everything else works fine.. also worth noting is that if you drive round with hybri mode selected the problem never happens!

              (note all referances made to virtual earth did not load the image overlay as the car didnt have internet access at the time, although when it does the same problem/solution is evident)