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Color issues in navigator

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  • Color issues in navigator

    I just registered my Streetdeck today and everything seems functional. The maps are loading in the nav window from the internet, but they seem black and white... if there is color, seemingly very little. Is this a configuration or system issue, or a restriction in the design?

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    ... also, I don't hear anything from Streetdeck. Nav, music, radio, no sound in the configuration menus. My windows sound systems works OK.


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      You should adjust the individual volume sliders by showing the volume overlay and choosing the "vol" button.

      If you are talking about the satellite imagery. That is just what you get. Some areas have color photos other areas do not. It really depends on when and where the picture was taken, some are older and the futher you get from civilization, the less likly it is you will get high res photos. It should look the same as what you see in Microsoft's virtual earth online in that area though. Developer (I am Chuck)
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        thanks, the quick response is always appreciated. sound is OK now, the 'media' slider was at 0. maps are probably crappy because of my area, i'll have to go for a drive and verify this.