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  • Random not so random?

    Probably more of a Windows Media Player issue, but I just thought I'd ask here how people have found the random/shuffle option in Streetdeck...

    Is it just me, or do you find you hear the same songs a lot? I recently looked through my list of MP3s and realized that I hadn't heard a good portion of the songs in quite some time. I pretty much keep SD selecting "all music" and having it on shuffle all the time. I'm wondering if it has something to do with the fact that I hibernate, thereby rarely ever initiating a brand new instance of SD.

    I guess a question to Chuck is: Is there a way to enhance the shuffling algorithm of WMP? I remember in older versions of Winamp (not sure if it's still there...haven't used Winamp in years), there used to be a "shuffle slider", where you could enhance the degree of shuffleability (if that's even a word). I wonder, can something like this be done within SD? Or is it limited to the features of WMP?


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    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?