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SD europe anytime soon PLEASE!

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  • SD europe anytime soon PLEASE!

    My trial of sd has timed out, and im now without a front end! The new beta didnt reset my trial timeout, but i want to buy sd. I knwo you guys are having problems with the europe mappoint data licenses from MS but i already have a license for mappoint and have contributed on the beta version of sd europe.

    Please is there anyway i can get this sorted in the immediate future, i know your busy working on this great product but like i said im without a front end!!!

    Cheers andy

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    Sorry to bump but still without front end..


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      Yes please, I have MapPoint 2004 and 2006 Europe, I wanna testdrive...


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        The new version thats out will elt you use it if you run sd with the -forceeurope tag.

        Problem is the demo has timed out for me and they havent released a full version. Im now left with no front end on my install..


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          Licence europe

          If SD would sell us the program whitout the licence for Europe (at a reduced price) we (in Europe) could buy the licence from microsoft and finaly start navigating.