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  • Wave volume control

    Is there any way for SD to control the wave line instead of the master line? I'm using optical out to my processor and only the wave line controls the volume level of my optical line.

    Someone please tell me its possible.

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    No, its not possible.

    This probably isn't the answer your looking for, but you could write a fairly simple program to just monitor the master volume control and automatically adjust the wav volume when it changes. Everything you need to do it would be here: Developer (I am Chuck)
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      Try this program. It links the master volume to whatever you set it to. I use it to have my keyboard's volume button control the wave vol. I'm not sure how SD works though so it may not work for you.


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        thanks for the help guys


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          I'm sure there is already a solution for this issue.

          I also want to use my onboard toslink out, because everything else is crap!
          With analog onboard I have the bums on startup and other noises.
          And with USB sound it's even worse - USB noises from WLAN, GPS,...

          Would be great, if somebody can share his solution / plugin.

          Why is this not supported with SD? Is it so uncommon to use spdif out?

          Many Thanks & Regards,


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            I use the volume tracker software and it works pefectly.


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              Originally posted by rxh81 View Post
              ...Is it so uncommon to use spdif out?.
              Yes, it is.

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                Thanks for the quick help, Kalt !!

                If others also need the program - can be downloaded here:

                I will use this A/D converter:
                MADIS - Digital to Analog SPDIF Converter - Toslink to cinch



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                  I believe Frodo also put out a program called MatchVol that takes care of this.


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                    Thank you SO much

                    Dude, I can go to sleep now. I have a new $140 Microsoft Wireless Keyboard set and I couldn't get the volume button to work. That tagging software is PERFECT. Thanks a million!