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Relocate Maps and Voices for Embedded Systems

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  • Relocate Maps and Voices for Embedded Systems

    I have been playing around with an XP nlite embedded system configuration as discussed by SFiorito and many others on these forums in the New EWF + MinLogon and CF instructions thread.

    I have been able to get the nLite XPe / XP Hibrid OS running on my 4GB Flash Disk. OS is down to about 235MB with the whole Minlogn, EWF, HORM, etc. setup and includes all of my device specific drivers, settings, etc.

    I have also been able to get this modified OS install working with Streetdeck on my HDD. Now I just need to get the two "worlds" together, or apart as it may be.

    In order to accomplish this last merger, I will need to relocate the Nav Maps and Voices to another Drive, either CF, USB, or detachable 120GB HDD where all my music and videos will be stored. A simpler way may be to simply install SD on a separate Drive.

    Any thoughts on which way would be better? Is there a way to "modify" the SD installers to install these large data files to a different location. Is there an easy way to take a base install then move these files and "modify" SD to still be able to find / use them? I would really like to be able to slipstream SD along with my other apps into a single ISO with the OS.

    Any thoughts, recommendations, or just opinions would be much appreciated as I have been so busy my head is starting to spin! Kind Regards.

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    I experimented with this. Just move Program Files and My Documents off the boot drive and you won't have to do anything special with SD.


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      I figured it would be this simple. Just wanted to see if anyone else had any experience with it as I haven't had time to try it yet. Thanks for the reply. Probably going to relocate the Program Files to the CF slot on my MII10K, Use the Flash Disk to Boot and use a detachable 120GB HDD for Media Files.