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Streetdeck hangs on standby with IEGD

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  • Streetdeck hangs on standby with IEGD

    Okay, finally narrowed down what's causing my carputer to hang on standby. I've got a displayed that runs 800x480 and I'm using a mobo with an 845gv chipset so I'm using the Intel Embedded Graphics Drivers as per this thread:
    to let it run natively. The problem is that Streetdeck will hang when I'm trying to go into standby mode. If I use the -GDI switch everything runs fine. But I lose the fancy eye candy which sucks because part of the point of SD is looking at this stuff and pretending that it's far into the future like 2001 or something and wearing a foil hat.

    Anyways, in short I think Streetdeck isn't closing down right with this embedded driver from Intel and if the developers could look into it or someone could suggest a hack to get by it it would be most appreciated.