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No audio on some DVDs

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  • No audio on some DVDs

    I'm wondering if anyone else had this problem. I havent had much time to look into it much and I didnt see anyone post about it, but I'll give an explination.

    I'm currently using an optical dongle from turtle beach, feeding into my alpine processor. Well the Alpine automaticaly detects theater sound, i.e dolby digital, dolby II, or DTS. Also I've been able to play all my DVDs through other players such as PowerDVD.

    In some situations the primary sound from the DVD is setup as DTS on the audio language. And when I attempt to play those DVDs I cannot change the audio language through the DVD's menu nor through the options within streetdeck. What I mean by that is when I attempt to use SDs controls to change the audio language I may get an error message. Although I forget what specific message I get when I attempt this.
    When it comes to DVDs that are purely DTS, such as the last dual disc DVD/CD from nine inch nails for example, there is no output regaurdless if I chose 2.0 or 5.1 within the menus. It can tell that it is still playing the DVD due to the progress bar movement.

    My ultimate theory was that it had something to do with the plugin necessary to play DVDs. I tried playing with that plugin for a while without any desired result of audio. If anything is there an additional plugin known that would solve this problem?
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