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  • sliders for music folder

    I would like to kindly request from the developing team to consider releasing a skin with sliders similar to the freedom skin for RR made by CDR.

    As a matter of fact I find the freedom skin to be superior to anything else out there. its functionality is superb and its clarity and contrast help with sun readabillity. The blue on blue skin of SD might make an interior decorator happy and its good for night driving but fails to produce the high contrast scheme thats needed during the day
    I wonder if its at all possible to create a "freedom" skin for SD (that doesnt ofcourse use 100% CPU to run!)

    My perfect combination would be a FREEDOM skin with a slider for the volume

    ---MAPPOINT nav (that takes up the entire screen as in SD and provides info on ETA according to current speed as in MM)
    ---a button in every screen that toggles an easily customizable menu of function buttons (with volume and music control standard)
    ----a "computer resourse status" screen
    -----a task manager screen
    -----a memo pad screen (to jog down a quick phone number etc)
    and finally... "gesture" support (it works beutifully in SD)

    Of course I could always make one myself but since it would probably take me 6 months to do....I have another suggestion! if anyone is willing to skin this for me/us I will donate some money towards its development

    I hope I didnt offend anyone...these are mere suggestions from a users point of view and Im sure one can't/shouldn't just "copy" CDR's skin without his aproval, but Im sure it would make a good combo....
    Testing Street Deck and Centrafuse on G4

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    loudness controls

    one more request please!
    How about some preamp and loudness controls?
    Testing Street Deck and Centrafuse on G4