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    i downloaded the trial version of sd and it only gave me one use out of it, now when i start sd up it tells me that the trial version has expired? can someone tell me about this please. i was trying to see if i wanted to try this product before i decied to buy it but it seems that it looks like it has alot of bugs.

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    ok whats up with this

    i started on a new machine clean windows version and everything, installed SD got one use out of it and thats it said that this version of SD has expired didnt even change a thing on the system. can someone help me i really want to play around with this before i buy it.


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      It did the same thing to me. totaly sucks. I guess I will not be buyin this software.


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        its a shame

        i really liked street deck i liked what i saw at intel and on there website but i see alot of bugs in this thing. If i have to tweak around with it and install updates to get it to work just right then how due i know if i will work flawlessly on my system i mean i dont want to spend hours to get it to work right. what if i had a customer that wanted to buy a setup, what do i tell him that i need to spend a few hours setting up a configuring this for them. ugh no that would be my install time that i would be wasting since i wouldnt be charging for labor for 4-5 hours that insane. maybe i will just wait or something for a more stable software that i can install out of the box and set up in a few minutes and have my customers installed at out of the shop within in 2-3 hours instead of 2-3 hours to install and 2-3 hours to config.......

        let me know you guys feel and if there is any dealers or shop owners let me know how this would affect installs....


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          I too got one single use out of StreetDeck and the 2nd time i openend it, it went to the registration screen, i clicked to skip and continue with the demo, and it boots me out complaining the trial has expired. I would really like to at least get a feel for the demo on my home pc before i purchase it for my carpc. (After verifying the demo works on the carpc)


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            folks - use the dev environment: start - all programs - street deck - tools - development environment (beta). This way you can play around with it all you want.

            Having gone from media car to media engine to road runner to this over the last 3 years, I have to say that beyond a shadow of a doubt this is the best front end out there. Also - the folks developing it are very responsive and quick to incorporate features.

            Don't let this one bug - although annoying for sure - detract you from giving this thing a good spin before you count it out.

            My 2 cents,


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              Thanks S4Per, this will help me at least get my feet wet and decide if i like it enough to shell out for it now.


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       should fix this problem.
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                  I concur, Update streetdeck and it works
                  Start Button > Programs > StreetDeck > Online Update
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                    Sorry, but I still have this problem.

                    What I did:
                    I had this issue with, so I just set up and it worked (horray!). Upper right of screen said 30days left. I closed and restarted StreetDeck and it sill worked. Then shutdown laptop and put in car. When I restarted I got the 0 days message again. Brought it back to desk and it still does not work. Some details about my build if it helps: XPSP2 on Dell Latitude D600 with two bootable partitions on internal drive, carputer is installed on E, workputer on C. I have a second USB drive in the car. A port replicator at my desk and a second port replicator in the car. Maybe StreetDeck does not like moving between port replicators?


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                      rac3pm, don't think thats the problem I installed it ( on my dev PC, had a quick play, left it for a day and came back to an expired demo.

                      I read somewhere about using the dev shell, I'll gove that a try when I sit down later.
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                        Trial expired for me too. I was trying the version previous to the one that just was released and had 30 days, I updated to the newer just released version and still had 30 days, I closed it or it timed out after 15 mins don't remember and I repoened it and still had 30 days then it timed out after another 15 minutes and then it went to zero days and was expired. From the ammount I got to play with it though I was chitting my pants impressed, but, a question, why have it default to such a low frames per second setting? Why not crank it up to 100 fps by default? Show off just how smooth and fluid the interface really is when it shines on a system that can handle it? Also, wouldn't it be wise to set the music crossfade to be enabled by default too?


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                          I built my PC and downloaded the trial software. Great front end but I had some problems. I only tested the music mode. I transfered my music but when I went to display the songs they would all show the same cover art???

                          Then halfway through the song the software would crash, lock up or reboot.
                          I installed the update and It made the trail software expire.

                          Uninstalled everything, Reinstalled the trial and the same thing happened. I'll test it some more tonight, maybe I'm doing something wrong.

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                            The album art issue you are having is explained in the FAQ...
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                              Originally posted by froalskiner View Post
                              The album art issue you are having is explained in the FAQ...

                              I found it after I posted. I try it tonight
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                              CarPC 99.99% Done