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    So far, I have been relatively happy with Streetdeck. It works pretty well for me, other than some bugs in the skin. But there is one thing that drives me NUTS. They way the music is displayed in the music list is so annoying. I would LOVE it if I could sort my music by album withing the artist group. That way, I could play my albums in order from a certain artist.
    An example: When I go to select music, then artist, rather than just showing an alphabetical list of the tracks, with no hint to what album they are from, it would make so much more sense for them to be sorted by album then track number. Would it be that hard to do? If there were a control within the music settings to change how the lists are sorted by using ID3 Tags, much like how winamp uses <album> - <##> for album and track number. I just think that would be a bit more logical than having 300 some playlists for all of the different albums.
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    When you select your music, use the directory option and surf rather than artist or genre. This works with my SD setup.