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  • DVD has sound no pic

    He Chuck. I am having a big problem here. I am using multi monitor mode. My videos play but only 30 sec then rear off comes on. My dvd has sound but no video. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall. Delete all streetdeck files and folder still no luck. Downgrade to the beta still no luck

    my setup
    LV-677 Commell
    T2400 CoreDuo
    2 gig of dual channel memory
    Ati x550 graphic card please help

    Adding to my post. Chuck I also found out that having the DVD player function is useless. When enable in multi monitor mode the rear visual have to be on. Second the dvd will play now but you can't get into the movie. Reason is because there is no menu button to play the movie. It just stay at the screen where most dvd has play, setup, and etc. THis need to be fix. I cant' even get into the dvd player screen to skip that. Second what the point of having a video player when it wont even play in multimonitor mode made for the rear passenger. I want to invest in streetdeck but these bugs or problem is making me want to turn another way. I am not just a regular user but a person trying to make this into a business where I live and so far this is stopping me from doing this. Please resolve these minor problems.

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    NO response to this yet Chuck


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      Its being looked into. Multimonitor functionality is not officially supported yet though. Developer (I am Chuck)
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        Originally posted by god_of_cpu View Post
        Its being looked into. Multimonitor functionality is not officially supported yet though.
        Spoke to one of yours guys there they say that during promos and stuff like that mp3cars use it all the time. Well i am doing a full test for mp3car. videos shut down after 30 sec in multimonitor mode. DVD players work but no way to control it. hmm what else when i find out i will let u know