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Problems with 1.06 Update

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  • Problems with 1.06 Update

    Just updated Streetdeck to the latest and greatest?? v1.06... Found that I now have a problem with both Navigation and XM.... Here how it acts... When I press the XM button... XM opens OK... however... "Connecting" appears indeinitely... what gives??? I also have no Radio ID... seems as though Streetdeck can't identify XM??? Should I reinstall XM drivers??? Next Problem... Navigation... when I press Navigation... Streetdeck tries to identify GPS, however, comes back with dialog box stating "Parameter Incorrect..." and basically locks up... when I restart and press the Digital Mod for GPS, Streetdeck appears to be receiving data from GPS, since I'm seeing the GPRMC, etc strings being displayed, also heading and speed change too, which I think confirms my belief.... What should I do??? This update has basically screwed up my whole Streetdeck setup???? HELP.........

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    I have installed same update. No problems here.
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      the problem i have is video, sometimes don't start playing from the beginning, and video or dvd don't resume after hibernate. please chuck include a "browse for dvd file features" because putting dvd files into the video folder don't work that well, some dvd have sound and some don't.


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        My Streetdeck is still acting very strange... It started out that now it acts as though it was installed for the first time... I get the wizard that asks where my GPS is connected, Where my XM is connected, Rearview Camera.... etc... also the screen resolution is set very poorly and at 1 FPS.... Why????? I've set all the appropriate settings that I've known to work prior to the update... however still no luck... I have not yet reinstalled drivers.... But I think this is the last step that I must take, and pray alot, to make this nightmare go away.... Cold temps and the my Xenarc also don't agree making this a really difficult troubleshooting experience...