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    Hey there...

    I am writing a C# Streedeck Addin and I have to following problem

    First, I created two modules in the "OnConnection" method.

    moduleMainMenu = app.CreateModule("moduleMainMenu");
    moduleMessageCenter = app.CreateModule("moduleSubMenu");

    As you can see I have a main module. This module is supposed to be shown when my addin starts. But sometimes the sub module is shown first. I investigated that the decision which module is shown first depends on the name that is given to the "CreateModule" method. But I do not see any pattern.

    How can I determine in the "OnConnection" method which module should be started first?

    Thank you,

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    This is determined in the skin editor. You have to start up fhte StreetDeck skin editor after you have your C# plugin running in streetdeck then select the module you want as the default one in the project properties. Developer (I am Chuck)
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      Thank you!