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    I found this site a while back and use it all the time on my laptop and PDA phone. If someone could creat a module or something that looks simlar to the Shoutcast one I think this could be a big benfit for those that have trouble getting FM to work but do have internet access.

    US Radio Stations - The Stream Center - Searchable list of America's streaming radio stations.
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    I too would love to see this!


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      Download this plugin for windows media player(It works on 10...not tested on 11).

      It allows windows media player to play shoutcast.pls(shoutcast playlist files). You can then save the shoutcast streams you like as a playlist and be able to select them in streetdeck. I would create your playlist using another computer and they copy the playlist file to your carpc.

      Not as intuitive as having a digital mod actually display the shoutcast radio guide, but you can at least just punch in your favorite streams and have them readily accessible.
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        I was also interested in using internet radio in Streetdeck. I found that the Open PLS in WMP is not necessary. You can just make your own .M3U playlist using the URLs for the streams and it will work fine in Streetdeck. It works just like other playlists in Streetdeck.