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Speed camera detection

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  • Speed camera detection

    I have a file with the lat,long,baring and speed of UK speed cameras. I'm looking at writing a DigiMod that will give a proximity warning based on location and direction of travel Vs the location and bearing of the camera.

    I'de also like to display it on the sat nav map and have an overlay popup in anymode with a warning.

    I've not even started to look at the digimods yet but I've made a skin and I'm an experienced coder so it shouldn't be a problem.

    However I'm on a very tight schedual ATM so to save me hours of research can one of the SD team let me know if this sounds possible and I will then look into it further.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I'm interested in this and it sounds possible but I'm not sure... do you know of a place to get the lat, long, baring, and whatever for the speed cams in the US?
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      unfortuantly no, I only know of a site wiht UK an european cameras listed.


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        You should at the very least be able to import the speed cameras as points of interest using the csv import...check out that thread on importing custom pois.
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          You will need to write a custom DigitalMod to do this. The nav object is exposed which has an event that tells you the new latitude and longitude which you can use to show an overlay with your speed camera information. Maintaining and connecting to the speed camera database is something that you will have to do on your own. Besides the database stuff, displaying an overlay based on your latitude and longitude can be done in probably less then 25 lines of code or so.
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            Any movement on this digimod? I would be really interested in having this functionality in SD


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              This would be a great feature to have, since a stand alone unit costs upward of $200 (

              Any movement?


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                Hi Guys,
                Any movement on this development? Would be great to have this feature on SD.