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  • WLAN Status Digital Mod

    Here is a simple overlay that will display your WLAN signal strength and SSID that you are connected to. This is part of a complete network status digitalmod I am working on. I need some help on a few items before I can get it completely working, but I thought I would release this small part because someone may find it useful.

    Here are a few issues that I am stuck on, if someone will help out:

    I want to change the color of a label in an overlay dynamically. I need an example with explanation of using the Label.SetFont expression.

    How do I send variables from a module to an overlay and vice versa?

    How do I turn on and off an overlay from a module?

    How do I change the display of an overlay from a module?

    I got the Microsoft OLE/COM Object Viewer to view the Streedeck enumerations, but I can't find any reference to Streedeck in it. I would like to know where to look. Is there a way to extract the enumerations with VBS?

    Feedback of what you would like to see in the full network status digitalmod would also be appreciated.
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    Each control can have multiple different fonts used for each different type of data rendered in it i.e. lists have several. Most controls usually have only 1 though. This is the case for labels. When using SetFont with a control, the first parameter is the font index you want to change, for labels, this should always be 0 since it only has one font type. The next parameter is the height of the font you want to create, and the last is the color which must be one of the support system colors. The actual color of the font may change based on what color the user selects for the interface will be. You are more selecting a shade with a label.

    Here is an example of dynamically setting the font for the label.
    'DESC: Called when the module is shown.
    Function Module_OnEnter(bFromReverse)
    	Label.SetFont 0, 24, TRUE, eSCAmbience
    End Function
    If you really want to render it in a custom color, you can render any text directly to the screen using the module.RenderStringEx function inside of the OnRender call of the module or overlay. i.e.

    'DESC: event OnRender - Called when the panel should render itself.
    Function Module_OnRender()
    	Module.RenderStringEx "Test", 0, 10,10,100, 25, 1.0, 1.0, RGB(255,0,0), .5, eRTFAlignCenter
    End Function
    You can't send variables directly, you can share integers, booleans, and strings through the use of the SetIntOption, SetBoolOption, SetSTringOption and respective Get functions to get and set options. These options will also be persisted automatically when streetdeck shutsdown and starts up. If you want more complex functionality, I would suggest you make a .Net addin instead.

    module.SetIntOption 0, 10
    	If module.GetIntOption(0) = 10 Then 
    		module.MsgBox "I read from the option bag.  It supports up to 25 of each type of value", "Option Bag Read!"
    	End If
    Assuming you have a scripted overlay called "TestOverlay" in your script project, you can hide it by calling:
    Set obj = module.GetScriptedOverlay("TestOverlay")
    obj.Visible = false
    You can not hide or show system modules, these are hidden and shown based on system events or by the skin the user selects.

    The OLE COM viewer should show you all the enumerations, I have attached teh StreetDeck IDL file which also contains them.

    Also, you do NOT need to zip .sdz files. They are already zip files, in fact if you rename and sdz file to .zip, you can view its contents directly.
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      Thanks! That information will help a lot.


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        I am going to install your mod this eveing and check it out. I am an electrical engineer and not a software engineer so I can't help much with the programming. You propapbly already have this covered but in the final version a feature I would to see is to be able to dial a wireless broadband account. I am getting a Verizon blackberry through work and I will tether it via bluetooth to connect to the broadband network. If everything could be done in SD that would be great. Thanx in advance.


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          Any updates to this?

          Infill G4. StreetDeck.
          Installed 09/17/07


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            Okay, I finally tested this out, and I have a bunch of comments. First of all THANKS for making it, and please take this as constructive suggestions rather than any sort of slight on your plugin. I really like this idea and hope to see it developed further.
            • It should NOT have a Z-order higher than the visualizer. It is currently showing on top of the visualizer and has a black background to the text -- not even transparent. (note this in the lower right of the attached picture, there are two wide rectangular areas)
            • the placement is a little weird. it blocks the power button. perhaps it should be more at the top center or something.
            • it shows the WAPs it is TRYING to connect to, not ones your ACTUALLY connected to. Perhaps this should be distinguished via an alternate color (like yellow for trying, and green for connected)
            • when it's not connected it shouldn't even show up. right now it says like "-14% X" or something. That's not very helpful. Just make it vanish. I only care if I DO have connection.
            • it would be nice to know if it's a/b/g/n that it's connected at, and even the Mbps
            • It should have an ability to ONLY try to attach to unsecured WAPs, as it's unlikely that you will have a WEP key for random WAPs while driving around. And if you do, then WindowsXP will have that stored and take over from there.
            • It should let you pick and choose the WAP to connect to via some menu

            ...also, as per the "rules", you're supposed to link to the plugin on the Wiki

            Infill G4. StreetDeck.
            Installed 09/17/07


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              Thanks for the comments. This was just a rough version and I have a better version in the works, but my Infill G4 was unreliable and took a dump. I recently sent it back to mp3Car, so hopefully I get it back soon to work on the updated version. I already made it customizable as to the looks and location, but the connecting issues are not handled by the mod. The connecting is handled by Windows itself.


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                Any progress on the "better version"

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