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Is it possible to modify the main menu???

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  • Is it possible to modify the main menu???

    Is it possible to choose which panels to display in the main menu???
    What features to present in the main menu??? and define the order I want/need???

    Please help me!
    Thanks and regards,

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    You need to edit the skin and change the buttons/panels youe have, as well as their functionality.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Alright! Thx for the quick answer!

      But what I want to do is to include 1 of the addins that i created in .Net in the main screen (main menu) and replace 1 of the existing ones.

      In fact i would like to customize the main menu according to my needs, is that possible?? and how???

      Once again, thanks much!


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        You have to use the skin editor and create a new skin then select your addins module as the moduletoshow in the property of the button.

        This means you have to distribute both yoru addin and the skin to make this work. Developer (I am Chuck)
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          What if you wanted to programmatically display the main menu buttons? It would be nice to select menu items from a list and then specify the order in which they are displayed. That would give maximum control over what the user uses the most.
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