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Incorrect button jump order in custom skin

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  • Incorrect button jump order in custom skin


    I have created a new skin with some custom buttons on the startup-module. The buttons are arranged in the same way as they are in the default skin (3 rows and 3 columns).

    The function of the buttons works fine, but if i use the keyboard to navigate between the buttons, the jumps/transitions are not like they should.

    A little example:
    The button in the middle of the module has the focus(row 2, column 2). When i now press the up-arrow, the focus jumps to the button right beside it(row 2, column 3) and not to the button over it

    Now my question: How is the button jump order defined? Is there any way to set a custom jump order? I just need the custom buttons to behave like the buttons in the default skin

    Please help!

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    I have found the problem. The buttons have to be exactly arranged (x,y position). Now the transitions are correct.