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Creating a Module to View another program already running

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  • Creating a Module to View another program already running

    Is it possible to create a Module that would allow you to just view another program already running in the background, basically using the module as a picture frame that would just bring up the other running program inside the frame but allowing the use of SD buttons to navigate in and out of the "Frame". By doing so I would not have to minimize SD in order to get to the desktop to view the other program that is running.

    Also if this is possible, is there anyone that has created such a module I could use as a shell with some modifications?. I don't know how to create modules.

    Alienware Area-51m Laptop CarPC
    StreetDeck Front End
    Custom Land Rover Skin
    3.2 GHZ Pentium 4
    1028MB Ram
    128MB Video Card
    Dynamix 8.4" Touchscreen
    XM PCR Satellite Radio
    iGuidance Navigation

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    Yes, you can embed other windows in StreetDeck Developer (I am Chuck)
    Get StreetDeck at
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