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    Hi everybody,

    I put together a mod to display Flight information. If you have ever wondered if your flight was on time or if you are picking somebody up at the airport, this mod is for you.

    Flight Status Tracking Mod - Search tool for flight information

    This is a brand new mod. It searches for flight status using the format airline code flight number format (SWA1234). Use it to keep track of a flight you are trying to catch or use it to track the flight of somebody you are picking up at the airport. The only issue that I haven't been able to resolve is that the same flight # is used for flights where there are multiple legs. For example, a flight from LAX to SFO to PHX all use the same flight #. If you are late enough to the airport to see the flight go to a different leg, then you are pretty late...and by then you are out of luck anyway. Same with picking up somebody at the airport. If it shows the next probably already got 10 calls from them wondering where the heck you are anyway!


    Version 1.0
    • Initial Release
    If you use the mod, a donation in any amount is greatly appreciated, but of course is not mandatory. Again, it is just greatly appreciated!

    My old Worklog

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    About time you got that donate button up.

    Donation made!
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