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  • Whyat?

    Ever wonder where youíre at? In this case, the WHYAT digital mod tells you where youíve been. This StreetDeck digital mod records your GPS location and creates a KML file (the file used by Google Earth) on your computer. It optionally allows you to upload that file to a web site for viewing via Google Maps.

    And - since it is KML, you can view it with Google Earth:

    You should be able to download all you need at

    When you install the digital mod, after you first run StreetDeck, a properties file will be created in /user/YourName/Documents/Streetdeck called You MUST edit this file.

    The contents of this file drive whyat behavior.

    The url setting indicates which url to try to use to upload the generated KML files to. The default is the whyat application at You can (fairly) easily create your own web application to host your kml content. The source code for the PHP is available at Until you get that accomplished, feel free to use the 55Buick site (but, donít abuse it). I do not currently have any plans to host this application for a living.

    refreshSeconds sets the time between updating your local KML file with location information.

    carName=Demolition Chevy
    carName is the name you want to use to identify which of your many cars you are tracking.

    If you set upload=true, then we will attempt to upload the files when StreetDeck shuts down. The digital mod also has a simple management module that allows you to force a write or force an upload.

    If you set deleteFilesAfterUpload, we will remove the KML files from your local machine after they have been successfully uploaded to the site indicated by the url property.

    This is the user name you use to view your information at

    This is a password that I may make mandatory in the future. It is not currently used. You better set it anyways.

    WARNING: is not a secure site. I have no intention of violating your privacy but it does not take an evil genius to do so based upon the weak security in place. I reserve the right to purge any data you put on at any time.

    One of the reasons I am giving you the web source code is for you PHP experts out there to come up with a better solution. I just learned PHP last week, so donít count on things being perfect. Iím also not a C# expert. I just learned that the week before last!
    55 Buick Carputer -

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    Cool stuff men. I will have to check out this digimod once my carpc is up and running.