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  • Street Deck XM functions

    Are any XM functions going to be added? Also an example of a script would be awesome(might be in the street deck program files, haven't checked). I want to write a script that will allow you to write a number on the screen on the XM module and then it will go to that channel. Channel loading seems to be sluggish sometimes and trying to hit the down arrow from channel 1 to 150+ can take a while. How hard would this be to implement GoC?

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    You will be able to respond to the gesture event and there will be some ability to control XM, but what your asking is actually less of a controlling XM problem and more of a I want to scroll to a specific point in this system list problem and we haven't really designed anything into the SDK yet that will let you get a list of all the child panels in a module and manipulate them individually. I wouldn't rule out the possibility of this happening in the future, but the initial goal of the SDK is to allow you to add your own modules and overlays more so then manipulating the existing ones. Developer (I am Chuck)
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      that makes sense, the point of the add-on would not be to scroll but to select a station without scrolling. Just writing the channel number on the screen and then it jumps to that station. That seems like it should not be hard to implement.


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        Id like something like this too. Any update...?


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          you can easily save favorite channels...

          and what I did is I hid the channels that I dont really listen to.. so I ave a list of about 40-50 channels that I have to scroll through which is really easy and quick

          for instance I only have the traffic updates channel for Houston and not any other city
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