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  • YADMI: Burning Discs

    YADMI = Yet ANother DigiMod Idea.

    I had another cool idea for a DigiMod. As I'm writing this post I realize that the Legality of this mod would is questionable so I'm including this warning:
    This idea is purely for educational pruposes only and I'm sure there are perfectly legal applications for it.
    Ok. Now for the Mod.

    I think it would be cool if we had a DigiMod that had an overlay in the music section. It would be a button. When we are listening to a song and we press this button the music is converted to CD playable format and copied to a special subfolder under a folder named "DiscsOnTheGo". There would also be another button on the inside the digitalMod that when pressed(in the background) a program would run and burn a selected subfolder to a disc. If there was no selected disc it would use the current temp and ask for a name. Now.. I realize that there would be control problems and might be hard to use but I think it really should only be used when stopped.

    My Application. Ok, Your friend and yourself are listening to the radio/you music collection/your ipod/LaunchCast and he/she's says: Hey, thats a cool song. Can I have it? And you say sure. You press that button(the first one) and the song is copied to the temp. After a few minutes he likes another song. Repeat. At the end of the journey you press "Burn" and out popes his Disc! Now. For a more legal application. Let's say you, like my father, do cycling(Spinning). Well. You want to make a spinning disc on the way to the YMCA. You go check some songs you think would be good and then you burn it and go in the YMCA and cycle. Perfect no?

    Yes! -Post Why
    No! -Post Why
    Maybe if it had (blank) -Post (blank)

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    Im not saying it isnt nice, but this is the kind of feature I will use a couple of times in like five years, maybe other people find it more useful.