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Use PocketPC Device as remote for SD

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  • Use PocketPC Device as remote for SD

    The following instructions are for setting up a PPC device to use as a remote for a SD system..

    The following software is used for this project, if you use this, please support them. This is how people make cool stuff. (z2 Remote2PC 1.2)

    The following must be setup and working before you can make this work:

    Networking !!!
    ActiveSync (I use this on my test bench for networking, since i dont have BT on this box)
    Z2Remote2PC Desktop App

    (!!! = You must know your streetdeck IP address for the network between the phone and pc, this is sometimes different from your normal IP address)

    Install the Z2Remote2PC Desktop app, configure a username for an admin (supervisor) and a sd (user) account. Configure the SD Account for no password (!!! THIS IS A SECURITY RISK !!!).

    Once the Z2Remote2PC app is installed, it will also prompt for an activesync install of the client.. Other ways are possible to get this install over to your phone, but I will not cover this here..

    Once the program is installed on both client (PPC) and server (SD) start up the server for Z2Remote2PC (This has a little screen+ppc icon in the systray), after starting the client it will ask for a HOSTNAME/PORT/User/pass, put the IP of your streetdeck box (or hostname if your the type with a dns/wins server). I used the stock port of 81. The user is SD and no password, once you have connected it will autosave the username, but not the password.

    Once the client is connected to the server, you should see a nice pretty image of your desktop.. Tapping on the client will send mouse clients to the server. After you are connected, there are some options in Z2 to scale the image and change the color type sent, for speed I used grayscale colors and scaled the image to full screen with no scroll bars. To do this tap and hold on the top left box (its like a transfer status box) and it will have an an option to Fill View (Stretch image to fit) and then press the down arror (Scrolls the button bar down) and there is a button to turn off the bottom and right button bars.. Once those are off, tap the status icon (The one from above) and it will hide this menu..
    I tried turning off the encryption, it might help a bit, but i didnt notice anything out of it other then more steps and a popup box telling me my SD remote is unsecure..

    At this point you are ready to start SD and try it out..

    Forum Links:

    External Links:

    Notes about above video, this video was from a Cingular 8125 over a 802.11B connection.. I have newer video of a Cingular 8525 over 802.11G, which is almost realtime with the SD box.. Input/Display has about a .25Sec delay, where the 8125 had almost 1-2sec delay..

    Processing power on the client device helps..

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    I will have to try this. Will this work over bluetooth?


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      If your bluetooth dongle & stack supports networking, then yes.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        Originally posted by sars View Post
        I will have to try this. Will this work over bluetooth?
        Yes but the lag was worse then the 802.11B connection. I used BT for the original connection, but due to lag and stability issues I decided that wireless would be the way to go.. My carpc already has a wireless AP which covers my car and the area around the car.


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          Originally posted by DarquePervert View Post
          If your bluetooth dongle & stack supports networking, then yes.

          And that too..


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            FPS / Remote display speed

            The FPS also changes the lag on the remote display, i use 30fps on my carpc and 60fps on my test box, there was a slight difference between the 2 settings.. On the client 60fps seemed a lot more choppy as z2 would drop the transition frames.. Gesture input at both fps settings was smooth..


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              Been using this for a while so I could use my Tmo MDA as a keyboard on the street deck(especially for entering addresses in the navigator which is painful!!!!). I use the wireless built in to my Infill. I set it up as an ad-hoc network and share out my Verizon data card that is connected to the Infill with a u132 usb pcmcia adapter. It allows me to have a mobile access point for others to connect to.
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                I can't make work Z2 software in AD-HOC network (my car system directly connected to my PPC via wireless connection).

                It only works when I connect my car system and my PPC to my home network (which provides network and internet connection)

                Is it possible to use the software in AD-HOC mode?
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                  It works perfect on mine. I will give you some pointers to try out here:

                  1. First get the Ad-hoc network setup correctly before even attempting to use any remote software.
                  a. Create the ad-hoc network on your carpc first. See this link with help on setting it up, but I am going to repeat what is discussed anyway.
                  b. Do not use security encryption in any form on your ad-hoc connection until you have all computers connecting to the ad-hoc network without a problem. After all clients are connected you can then increase security and enter the info on the clients.
                  2. Once you have established the ad-hoc connection check and see if you can remote to the carpc. You may need to enter the ip address and not the name if dns isnt being passed due to xp ics/firewall settings.

                  I remote by name and it consistently works once I got it up and running the first time. Let me know how it goes.
                  Mitsubishi Eclipse 2006 GT
                  Infill T3 running StreetDeck