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  • Is this possible?

    I've think I've decided to use StreetDeck for my carpc front end, but after using MediaCenter for a bit, there are some things I like much better from that experience.

    Mainly, from an operational standpoint, is the auto-add function of SD. It gets in my way more than anything.

    Can SD be made to act like MCE where simply viewing an artist or album does not automatically do anything?

    I found the setting for queue mode, but I don't want that artist added to my queue either unless I specifically push an "add to queue" button. Is this type of operation possible?

    Am I the only one who likes to have a song playing and browse my library for a new song but not want the sytem to start adding everything I look at to my queue or switch to everything I look at?

    I know I've got a lot of learning ahead of me so I don't expect hand holding through the solutions here. Just links to forum posts if you've got them, or a simple yes or no if something I mention is impossible.

    Thank you in advance!

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    the music module is being completely overhauled for the next update (I believe). I (and others) are optimistic that this will be addressed.


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      Originally posted by archaic0 View Post
      ...or switch to everything I look at?
      That's what's most annoying to me. Perhaps SD was designed that way because they really intended to discourage users from browsing for music while driving...the current config certainly "encourages" one to set up a playlist/queue in advance.

      Just a thought. I hope music nav is improved in the next verision as well.

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        Well they keep saying the music module is completely overhauled... so we'll just have to wait and see.

        I'm currently using centrafuse and loving it. It works pretty well for me.

        They do an auto-add kind of thing, but not the same way. But one key point is that when they add things to the 'queue' it actually makes a new queue.

        So I browse to a 311 song and hit play, it adds the whole 311 album to the queue and starts playing. Then I browse to a linkin park song and hit play, it adds that whole linkin park album and starts playing.

        If I then go look at my queue however, there are actually two playlists that I can switch between. One 311 and one LP playlist.

        You can add single songs to the current playlist as well, it's just a little different procedure.

        Their nav isn't my idea of perfect, but it's darn close. I have a feeling that for me, Centrafuse is going to give Street Deck a run for it's money when it comes time to actually make a purchase.

        Full screen album art is a big one with me too, and Centrafuse does that as one of the visualizations. I like being able to have a full screen with just the current song info and album art.

        One request though would be for there to be a blank screen vis, or just a blank screen with a very minimal track info at the bottom in a very dark color. Reason being is for night driving in areas that aren't lit very well. So far, the only way I've been able to not get blown away at night by the brightness of my LCD screen is to go to the particle visualization. In Centrafuse they have a button that is kind of a night mode, with three levels of brightness, but even the darkest one there is pretty bright.

        What I think would be a perfect way to handle this would be to have a small button in one of the corners that is a video mute kind of thing. Pushing it would blank the screen and only show a small thumbnail of the album art along with the song info, but in a very dark color like a dark gray.

        Even when the bright screen isn't bothering my eyes, from the outside of the car, I'm glowing like an actor on a TV show... and that's kind of weird. *smile*