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Other bluetooth question than the others

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  • Other bluetooth question than the others

    Hi all!
    im currently playing around with my SD install and all the stuff thats going
    to be in there.
    as cellphone im using SE W850i which has - as do others - bluetooth remotecontrol, ie using my phone as remote for kb/mouse and m$ mediaplayer
    so i thought maybe remotecontrolling SD music also works.....and it does....partly, the control buttons are mixed;
    vol up - nothing
    vol down - yes
    mute(7) - vol up
    rewind(1) - yes
    play/pause(2) - only pause
    fast fwd(3) - yes
    prev/next(4,6) - nothing
    stop(5) - nothing

    of course controling regular MP works perfect...

    using SD , broadcom 2045/widcomm BT, m$ MP 10

    anyone experiencing similar behaviour?
    or even tried it?
    it sure would be a nice feature to use...

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    ok, so since nobody seemed to be looking into this, i decided to do it myself.
    after discovering that trying to control WMP while a IE-window was focused did not work
    instead bringing up the print dialogue, i realized it was quite simple:
    my SE-phone is sending the following keyboard-strokes (corresponding to WMP10):

    ctrl-p play pause
    ctrl-s stop
    ctrl-shift-f fast forward
    ctrl-shift-b fast backward
    ctrl-f next
    ctrl-b previous
    F8 mute
    F10 vol+
    F9 vol-

    users with WMP11 will xperience volume difficulties
    WMP11 responds to:
    F7 mute
    F9 vol+
    F8 vol-

    this is however not an issue (for most people) with Streetdeck since you are able to do your own keyboard-shortcut-map, ie making my sd respond to the strokes from the WMP10 list above makes it work like a charm, just make sure you select the correct function in sd since there are many similar functions such as play/pause and play/pause(rear) etc.

    that was my dissection of bluetooth remote control

    i also found an interesting piece of software called Bluetooth Remote Control 3.0 at

    supporting a number of apps such as winamp itunes WMP and not only controlling your WMP but also extending the media info to the phone interface

    and another feature is the mouse control where you actually see a portion the desktop where the pointer is on your phone, neat huh?