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FAQ: Bluetooth Mobile Phone Integration

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  • FAQ: Bluetooth Mobile Phone Integration

    Q. Is the hardware available?
    A. No.

    Q. When will it be available?
    A. Sometime in late summer 2007.

    Q. What hardware is compatible with it?
    A. StreetDeck will support the dongle sold on the MP3Car store.

    Q. Will it work with my particular phone?
    A. If your phone has bluetooth capability, it should be able to dial and recieve calls. Importing the phonebook and SMS messaging is dependant on if your phone implemented this feature for bluetooth. This support is implemented for all SonyEricson phones with bluetooth, all nokia phones with bluetooth except on series 60, most Motorola phones with bluetooth including the V600 and RAZR models, siemens support varies. All other phones compatibility is unknown. You can also import CSV files exported from outlook and manually create phonebook entries directly in StreetDeck if phonebook support is not present in your phone.

    Q. If I buy a generic USB Bluetooth dongle, how can I make it work?
    A. You can't. Only the Bluetooth hardware we sell will be supported with StreetDeck.

    Q. Where can I read more about it?
    A. See these posts:

    Q. Should I contact the store and ask for more details?
    A. No, they won't know any more details.

    Q. Why is Bluetooth Phone Integration listed as a feature on
    A. It's a feature that's coming soon.

    Q. Is this somehow related to PhoneControl.NET?
    A. No.

    Q. What profiles will it support?
    A. At the initial release, just hands free phone profile. This includes, dialing, recieving calls, audio transfer, and phonebook transfer. SMS will be supported at a later time. Other profiles may be supported in the future, but at this time no others are formally planned.

    Q. Where can I read more about it?
    A. See these posts: