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StreetDeck pegs the CPU and System Memory

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  • StreetDeck pegs the CPU and System Memory

    What version of StreetDeck is this bug report for?

    Please give a basic description of the issue here.

    StreetDeck pegs the CPU and System Memory

    Is the systemt that is listed in your CarPC specs under your user name the same system where you encountered this bug?


    If no, please describe your system here.

    Please provide any relevent information regarding the issue you have encountered.

    After loading the update, which completed just fine, my system runs EXTREMELY slow. The buttons take forever to display, there is a 1-2 second delay after pushing a button for its function to take place, and the system's speed seriously inhibits its ability to interpret gestures on the touch-screen.
    I toggled the system to window rather than fullscreen and was able to get a good look at the Windows Task Mangler. StreetDeck.exe is pegging the CPU and consuming 88,000K+ of memory. I tried running -nodelayload -nodelaycomp with little change. I've also run -resetconfig, but the problem persists.
    I ran the update back over the and everything runs great. I ran the update again, which completed successfully, but everything started to creep again. Sure enough, StreetDeck.exe was pegging the CPU and consuming tons of memory all over again.
    I've included my log file from the latest attempt at
    Currently, I have installed back over until I can figure out why SD is pegging my resources.
    Please let me know if anyone has any ideas.
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    Have you tried setting the background to a static image? Go to Settings Page -> Color Shifting and check the box to use static image.

    If this corrects the problem it indicates that your video card cannot handle the moving background and its offloading the rendering to your cpu.
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      I pretty much have the same setup and it maxed my CPU % too until I set it to static.

      Is there a way to detect if the video card can't handle the new background features and mark it static for us? I had no idea what was going on until I came on here to find out that there's quite a few people that have run into this.

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        UV7 - have you tried this at all?

        I will close this thread and assume it has been fixed since you haven't come back in to say otherwise.

        You can reopen the thread if you desire.

        bigpimpn79 - please make your suggestion in the suggestion thread.
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