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First screen press/gesture after launch/resume is ignored by StreetDeck

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  • First screen press/gesture after launch/resume is ignored by StreetDeck

    What version of StreetDeck is this bug report for?

    Please give a basic description of the issue here.

    First screen press/gesture after launch/resume is ignored by StreetDeck

    Is the systemt that is listed in your CarPC specs under your user name the same system where you encountered this bug?


    If no, please describe your system here.

    Please provide any relevent information regarding the issue you have encountered.

    1.) Launch StreetDeck (can be a new launch, I think, though I am usually resuming from Standby). It does not matter if you even wait several minutes before going to the next step.
    2.) Press a button on the screen (such as the Music button on the main menu), or do a screen gesture (such as a line-to-the-right for "next song").

    Expected: Screen input is accepted.

    Actual: All that happens is that the button where you pressed or began the screen gesture takes focus (becomes highlighted). (And you don't see the screen gesture line painted on the screen.)

    I'm wondering if maybe the SD app window doesn't really have focus at first, so your first screen press is just giving it focus?

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    THis doesn't happen on several of the systems I have tested here.

    Does this happen in other windows programs for after returning from standby?

    Even if another window had the focus, as soon as you touch StreetDeck it should recognize it as a mouse down command.

    Have you changed anything in the touchscreen driver? Developer (I am Chuck)
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      I haven't changed any driver. I'll test other Windows apps.


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        I tested this issue on multiple systems with factory installs and could not recreate the issue.


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          I figured it out:

          - It only happens with Standby, not a full shutdown
          - It happens in Windows also, not just SD
          - What is actually happening is that the first screen press after resuming from Standby is sending a Right Mouse Button event, instead of Left Mouse Button
          - It only happens with the Infill "Long Press" feature for the right mouse button (how else does everyone have RMB functionality in the car?). I did try playing with the various time duration settings, but it didn't matter.

          Is there a way you guys can report this to Infill to get them to fix it?

          Interesting that just the other day I told another poster that I wasn't aware of any problems that Long Press feature was causing.



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            The long press feature was not selected in the factory build. This feature will stop a list from scrolling if you simply hold your finger on the button. The default settings are working as designed. This issue will be reported to infill. Thank you for taking the time to document this issue!