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Shuffle/Random is not truly random/Shuffle -

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  • Shuffle/Random is not truly random/Shuffle -

    What version of StreetDeck is this bug report for?


    Please give a basic description of the issue here.

    Shuffle/Random is not truly random/Shuffle

    Is the system that is listed in your CarPC specs under your username the same system where you encountered this bug?

    If no, please describe your system here.


    Are you able to reproduce this bug at will?

    Please list the steps required to recreate the isse you are reporting.

    This really isn't a Streetdeck bug as i have noticed the same thing with Windows Media Player (SD uses windows media player so its normal i guess to see the same results).

    Basically, if i have 5,000 songs in my queue and i turn on shuffle/random, i guarantee you that i will hear the same songs multiple times over. In a 12 hour drive, out of 5,000 songs, i heard the same song being picked 7 times.

    The probability of the same one song out of 5,000 being played 7 times is extremelyyyyyy low (less than .0002%)

    Is there a way SD can implement its own random/shuffle feature rather than rely on the broken windows media player version?

    Also, it would be nice if a song began playing immediately when one uses the search function and then once that song is finished, it can go back to reading from the queue (like if you thought of that one great song you wanted to hear right away and then wanted to hear the rest of your queue without having to go through the laborious process of adding that song to the queue and then scrolling ALL THE WAY (remember, 5,000 songs in my list, and then clicking on it).

    Please provide any relevent information regarding the issue you have encountered.

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    I'm sorry, but if it's in WMP then it's in SD and it's not a SD issue.

    Since SD uses WMP for it's media functions, there's nothing SD can do to fix the issue.

    The SD developers cannot recreate a media engine at this time.
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