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Video Full Screen On/Off issue -

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  • Video Full Screen On/Off issue -

    What version of StreetDeck is this bug report for?

    Please give a basic description of the issue here.

    Video Full Screen On/Off feature issue

    Is the system that is listed in your CarPC specs under your username the same system where you encountered this bug?

    If no, please describe your system here.

    Are you able to reproduce this bug at will?

    Please list the steps required to recreate the isse you are reporting.

    Video Full Screen On/Off feature not resizing screen properly. If On/off feature is used video will be displayed off center either to the far left or right of screen, part of video playing will not be visible as it is off of the screen.

    If one exits the module with a video playing then clicks the video thumb nail in bottom right corner of screen, video will resize correctly. When video full screen On/Off feature is used again the issue of incorrect resizing will occur.

    Please provide any relevent information regarding the issue you have encountered.

    I have been able to replicate issue on seperate test machine with StreetDeck trail updated to Although the incorretly resized video were in different locations on screen.
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    Issue resolved with upadate

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