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  • Performance Tuning

    The number one most critical thing for running streetdeck efficiently is to control the framerate to a level your graphics card and CPU can handle.

    Since StreetDeck uses the Direct3D graphics card for all rendering, it means if you have a fully compatible Direct3D card, all the rendering work will be offloaded to the card, leaving the primary CPU free to do other work in the background. However, if the 3D card is not fast enough or doesn't support enough Direct3D features to keep up with the frame rate, it means it will use the CPU time to complete the rendering and slow down the entire performance of the system.

    45 fps is probably the best bang for your buck, there are diminishing returns as you push it higher and 60 fps is the maximum effective frame rate, anything above this and you won't notice much of a difference.

    To see the frame rate StreetDeck is obtaining, run with -info as a command line parameter. This will show a number followed by fps in the upper left hand corner, this is your frame rate. This number is limited artificially by the StreetDeck frame rate limiter set in "Settings | General | Display" from within StreetDeck. For optimal performance, the frame rate number you see should be at or within 1 fps of the frame rate limit while StreetDeck does not have a secondary task going on. i.e. (Calculating a nav route, switching songs etc.) If the frame rate number you see is constantly below this limit or performance, particularly gesturing performance, seems sluggish it means your frame rate limit is too high and should be lowered. You should continue to lower the frame rate until these performance issues dissappear and your actual frame rate rarely dips below the frame rate limit, you shoudl then lower the framerate limit by at least 25% from the maximum sustainable idle frame rate.

    For example, a shuttle XPC with Nforce 4 chipset easily achieves above 60 fps and is limited there, a pentium M motherboard with an Intel 915 graphics processor can just about sustain 60 fps, but we set it to 45 fps. A via SP13000 can sustain 30 fps, but it really taxes the main cpu alot to do so, so its set to 15 fps. The easiest way to increase the performance of StreetDeck is to add a faster graphics card. This will drastically lower the requirements for the main CPU. Developer (I am Chuck)
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    Running -info on the trial version causes the fps readout display to be superimposed with the XX Days left line on the screen. Hard to discern what the fps rate is. I am using

    1972 'slightly enhanced' 240Z
    Epia M10000 Win XP
    Creative Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS
    7" Touchscreen XMPCR GPS


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      So I only geta pathetic 15fps on my G4 no matter if in 800x480 or 800x600 or 16 or 32 bit color!?
      Infill G4. StreetDeck.
      Installed 09/17/07