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Configuring your Car2PC Adapter

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  • Configuring your Car2PC Adapter

    To configure your Car2PC adapter for StreetDeck:
    1. Download this plugin:
    2. Extract the contents to the My Documents\StreetDeck\Plugins\Input directory
    3. Start StreetDeck, Goto Settings | General | Input | Plugins
    4. Choose the Car2PC plugin, then click enable
    5. Scroll and find the functions you want to set, choose one, then press a button on your head unit connected to the adapter
    6. Repeat for all buttons, save the settings and your done!

    Note, this plugins is used for input only, it will not display any text ouput on the head unit.

    This plugin was developed and tested using the emulator only, it was not tested on a real head unit, please post your review of this plugin after using it. Developer (I am Chuck)
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    Re compile

    Hi I have a car2pc interface and it does not work with your dll.

    I had to re compile the source code that Roadrunner has to get it to work with roadrunner.

    If you send me the source code or publish it here I can try and recompile it to see if we can get it to work.


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      umm this plugin is for Streetdeck.. NOT roadrunner...
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        Originally posted by strohj View Post
        umm this plugin is for Streetdeck.. NOT roadrunner...
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

        Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.


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          Its the streetdeck car2pc dll that i'm referring too, i had the same problem with the roadrunner car2pc interface.


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            The car2pc plugin for streetdeck doesn't work with my hu.

            The car2pc works fine with winamp and wm player.


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              GodOfCPU would be nice if you could reply.


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                I am unabe to bind buttons to functions in StreetDeck. I'm attempting to bind the next and previous track buttons using the new Car2PC-MAZ adapter. I can see the adapter in StreetDeck and select it. When I attempt to bind a button to a function nothing happens the "Trigger an event input" window appears but nothing happens when I press a button the "Trigger an event windows remains on the screen.

                The buttons will function if in Windows Media player (version 11) also when the configure button is pressed it minimizes StreetDeck is the normal?


                I'd like to thank you guys for a really great products as well as support sure StreetDeck has its quirks (what doesnt) but overall very nice product.

                Thank you.
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                  I don't have a Car2PC adapter to test with, the source for the plugin is available.

                  The source for the plugin can be found at:
         Developer (I am Chuck)
                  Get StreetDeck at
                  The Official StreetDeck Forums have moved, please visit us at for official support for Streetdeck.


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                    Dohh I know nothing about coding, Ohh well time to do some intense reading
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                      Anyone get anywhere with this?
                      I'm in love with the integration that StreetDeck has, but very frustrated by the lack of Car2PC support. It seems that I can get every other program that I have attempted to work (RoadRunner, Windows Media Player, and Winamp) to work with the Car2PC unit, but not StreetDeck.


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                        Streetdeck won't recognize my input plugins (Car2PC)

                        Do you know of any reason why input plugins won't show up for me in Streetdeck? I have the Car2PC dll file saved in my My Documents \ Streetdeck \ Plugins \ Input directory. Thanks!


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                          Just got a message from Dmitry at Car2PC. They're working on making the StreetDeck interface work with SD. It's going to take a couple of months (maybe more), but they are aware of the problem and the lack of fixes for it. So they're on it.

                          Thanks again Dmitry!


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                            Yeah...I confirmed that with Dmitry. Not that I doubt the difficulty of integrating with streetdeck, but you'd think it would be relatively easy to tie in, especially since they're able to do it with WMP and Winamp. It should just be assigning inputs to values. Sounds like something with which and streetdeck should work together.

                            Obviously, I'm not trying to complain or bash indash or streetdeck....I'm a huge fan of both of them. Just thinking it shouldn't be too tough.


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                              I'm a little annoyed as the two were listed as being compatible.
                              Then when it doesn't appear to work, we're told to code the solution ourselves. That has to be the worst technical support I've ever seen (I'm a Verizon and Comcast customer, so I've seen some lousy support).