No announcement yet. missing features on Infill T3?

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  • missing features on Infill T3?

    Is this part of the behavior in or an "Id10T error"?

    On my development laptop I have different options under the Settings in SD.
    The main one is Turning on/off static background is missing on my Infill T3.

    I know on previous versions that the Infill was locked down on the maximum framerate you could also set by Streetdeck(I think it was 15 Fps). I now dont have an option to adjust the framerate.

    I am happy with the performance of the latest version, but justed wanted to make sure that these were removed as the best options were already configured for the hardware.
    Mitsubishi Eclipse 2006 GT
    Infill T3 running StreetDeck

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    StreetDeck is optimized for the T3 and G4 there are options that it includes and excludes. The video card on the infill doesn't allow texture locking in hardware needed for the dynamic backgrounds. Developer (I am Chuck)
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