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Can someone help with just a main Toyota home page like the example?

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  • Can someone help with just a main Toyota home page like the example?

    I just started getting my PC/Streetdeck together. I have a 2007 camry and the only thing i would like to change on StreetDeck is the "homepage". All the other pages such as music, navigation, XM, etc.... can stay the same. I just need the initial home page and then then the second one when you click "more" to change. Here is the layout i would like.

    As far as colors go, all the colors of the SD buttons, lettering, etc can pretty much stay the same. THe only request i have is for the color of th very very very back background kind of be an aqua blue to match the camry's dash. Here is what the stock radio and AC housing looks like. Doing a blue fade for the background to match would be perfect. The aqua blue fading background with the original streetdeck buttons and colors will look sweet!

    I will be more then happy to financially accomodate anyone who can help me out via paypal! Please post here, PM, or email via [email protected] if you can be of assitance! Much thanks!

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    Oh on the second pix, "relay 2" should be previous as to return to the previous scree (main 'homepage').


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      Photoshop...can you dig it?!?
      Civiputer: Dont have one anymore, but here is what is used to be!


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        The changes you want should be really simple. No real image editing really has to take place. Just find a logo in PNG format you want start streetdeck up in developer mode, drag and drop the image when viewing the start module and it should add it to the skin.

        Then you just have to move the rest of the stuff, just going into design mode by hitting CTRL + D then click and drag the buttons you want to move.

        CTRL + D should delete the ones you don't want anymore. Developer (I am Chuck)
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          If anyone has skinning experience, this is a very basic and easy one. Due to all the problems with the development environment, I am not able to piece this together. If there is a skinner out there that is semi-decent and is NOT having trouble with the skinning environment, I will provide content to make this possible (already have all graphics created, etc).
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