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    I have problems editing the default skin. There is no problem if i try to edit the main view, but i can not edit any of the sub-pages. For instance i can remove the header from the main view, but no way i can remove it from "pictures" subpage. It allows me to modify it, or even change the text, and the changes show up in dev. env. But when i restart it everything is back to default. Why is that, and how to change it?
    (Sry for my bad english)
    Audi A6

    CPU Prescott 3.2Ghz
    GPU NV 8400GS
    RAM 2 Gb
    HDD SATAII 300Gb
    SC Creative X-Fi

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    make sure you save the skin.. and then also make sure you change the skin in streetdeck itself to your new skin
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