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    ...was supposed to post this skin a long time ago. This skin was based upon Vinylgroove's Subaru Skin -

    This skin was for carputer project for a good buddy of mine. It was for his Nissan Pathfinder...that's why you'll notice the overhead pathfinder icon for the Navigation.

    There's also a few bugs here and there...I didn't get a chance to get the "night" version of the Nav map quite right yet...

    Also, this skin was meant to be "stretched" into for those of you using a 4:3 monitor, the Nissan background will look squished.

    Anyways, here it is -

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    Being that I no absoF@#$inglutely nothing about skinning, could you change that nissan emblem with a VW. (If it's not too much trouble) and send me that package. You Be Da Mon if possible. Thanks in advance. I'm not sure of the size that the emblem has to be or the resolution, but there are a bunch of silver ones on google images. I trust your judgement of a nice one to use after seeing what you've done wit that skin.


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      Me too please..


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        Originally posted by Tranman View Post
        Tranman, Looks great, and I'm loving it! I have a Saturn so I swapped out the background and I'm pleased with how it turned out. I have noticed a "bug?" that I was curious if you know anything about. While listening to the radio the normal 0,1,2,3,4,5... on the botton for the presets are missing. Not sure if its a layering issue from from the original Subaru skin or the modified Subaru skin or if it is unique to your Nissan modified version. Other's have mentioned that is runs fine on so I guess that might not be the culpret. Not a big deal, just though I'd ask.

        Also, how do you change the buttons? Should be simple, but I'm drawing a blank. I don't have Sirius or a phone that I use in the car and would like to swap those with rearview camera and ext apps (or something...)

        Originally posted by Autockr989 View Post
        Being that I no absoF@#$inglutely nothing about skinning, could you change that nissan emblem with a VW.
        Did you ever get one or do one up yourself? It's been 6+months so I'm assuming it's no burning issue and you aren't still waiting on one
        All installed, and ready for visitors. Infill G4 in a 2007 Saturn VUE