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  • Sciondeck - suggestions?

    This is my first attempt at a skin... Let me know what you think (thoughts/suggestions) - it's not a far cry from the original because I kind of like the contrast and colors of the original, but the functionality and look suits me... It obviously looks better on a 6.5" screen

    I removed the "Radio" button because seriously, who uses that (or better question who uses it and it actually works?)

    Also added the volume bar button to the nav (Not shown)

    Note: If you look closely, I superimposed the "S" for Streetdeck on the bottom right corner

    Home Page

    New "Detail Screen for Music" (switch between list and detail)
    This screen is still in development, but fully functional as is - skinning is a long and tiresome process, but I love the results
    You can't see it, but the speed is overlayed on the car.
    Oh yeah, and the little car in the corner that the speed overlays "drives" into it's corner

    Here are the sliders:

    Do what you want with the skin, but at least give me props if you reskin it
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    You should publish your skin here for people to download.


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      Here it is:
      it's still a work in process, but I'll keep updates here...
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        I like it.
        Is the Scion logo part of the background, or a logo, like the G35 skin uses?

        Also, I'm moving this to the skins subforum.
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

        Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.


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          In this case it is integrated into the background, but it could go either way I suppose (just didn't see a need for making it a seperate component...). But of course switching out the logo (for me) would be simple...
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            Very cool.
            Now, if I could just get my system built...
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              Originally posted by Gortok
              Very cool.
              Now, if I could just get my system built...
              Like your wife is going to allow that
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                There was an error installing the package...

                Thats from USB flash disk.

                My ver. is


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                  requires the 4.4 version
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                    Another Skin was created by yours truly....

                    Here is a link to the next hibrid of this skin I developed... it's Toyota, I know, but I think we can let it slide seeing as how that's the parent company of Scion

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                      ScionDeck Silver Added

                      Here is my "Silver" Scion Skin:
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                        your doing a great job! Id download it but i dont really like the pictures in buttons. I like your infinity skin alot. if you made one like that but for the tc id be sportin it in my scion!
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                          I have a redesigned skin underway for the Scion, unfortunately, time has been limited, I have been experiencing frequent crashes in the skinning environment, and every page has to have the home, back, etc buttons moved for every screen (which is horribly time consuming). I spent 1/2 the night tonight just moving the buttons for the skinning environment to crash before save. This skin will hopefully bring my skins up to a new level, but at this rate, it will never get completed. I'll post it if it ever gets there.
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                            Very nice, interesting icons though. Not what I would have expected.


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                              Ya - Icons are history - this will likely have buttons like my g35 night skin.
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