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  • Infinity-G35Deck Night

    Ok, so here it is (God of Skinning is back at it again )...since G35's seem to be the happy place on skins, I decided to make this night G35 skin... (all we need now is night navigation)

    I got rid of the icons because I didn't want to cover up my artwork

    Let me know what you think....

    I wish I had spelled Infiniti right in this post
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    I like it. The only thing that seems odd to me is that you have a silver theme going on, yet the buttons still highlight blue. I think it would flow better if they highlighted silver also.

    Besides that you are creating some great skins. Can't wait to have a little more time to sit down and tackle som myself.


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      Ok, thanks... The zip file now has highlights and menu items in "silver," I just don't have time to update the pics this morning.
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