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    Ok, so here it is after tireless days of effort. If you see the titles on some of the pages when you install it that you didn't see here, it's because it appears that freakin magic happens - I have tried to hide them, but they keep coming back!

    Let me know what you think as this will likely be the skin I use religiously.

    Some of these photos were taken from the development environment:

    Here is the home page - yes, those are little tc emblems on the buttons

    Here are the overlays - notice I added the song title over the bottom overlay

    Here is the nav screen - scion logo in left hand corner and NEW BUTTON!!! night/day button added (thx to GOC for getting me what I needed )

    Here is the music list screen:

    Here is the new detail screen (has a link in xm radio section as well):

    This actually looks cooler in the car... my thoughts on skinning - it appears that icons make a skin look a little "low brow" and so do large text buttons, so this is the premise that was used for developing this skin. The night/day button added was a simple button as simplicity seems to bring out the classy look and feel to Streetdeck - I think the button works and would even be as bold to say it should probably be added to the default skin as well...

    Let me know what's good or bad, what needs to be changed, what needs to be added, and what doesn't work.

    It will be functionality that I will try to work on with this skin and keeping it updated until I have all the functionality I think I can fit on to this monster
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    Update: detail music nav buttons moved to top of album art due to music overlay covering the buttons when switching between music (pain in the butt if you are flipping through a bunch of songs). Also updated home page with the night/day button, fixed a few of the fading options, and removed the original secondary background from the detail page.
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      Update: Changed large detail buttons to a standard detail button (shown in figure 4). Rearranged detail page (figure 5) to be more aesthetic and removed large buttons for the back button (same functionality, but with a button to go back to whatever list you started out from).

      Update: Created semi-transparent, brighter overlays for music, zoom, and volume overlays (figure 2)
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        The skinning community has grown quiet... (Is this a sign of the apocolypse, or have I been axed?)
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          All the images are broken, and I don't see where to download the skin from?

          I have SD on an Infill G4 CarPC

          Infill G4. StreetDeck.
          Installed 09/17/07