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"Compiled" New Skin Crash!

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  • "Compiled" New Skin Crash!

    I have a new skin that I developed on one machine... and then packaged it for distribution.

    Bring that file over to the car-pc... and install the skin. No problems.

    Then I go to the music option... at that time SD shows the loading of the music... then just disappears (shuts down completely).

    What is happening there? Could it be that I was playing an MP3 on my development machine what is not located on the actual car-pc? Running out of ideas, so asking.

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    Are you running the same version on both machines? Can you send me the skin that is giving you the problems? Developer (I am Chuck)
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      Version 53 on both machines.... sorry for the mistake.

      How would you like me to send the skin?