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Editing Sounds In StreetDeck

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  • Editing Sounds In StreetDeck

    As of version, Streetdeck includes a number of sounds used for various interface events including gesture recognition and button presses. These sounds are stored under My Documents\StreetDeck\Sounds

    If you wish to changes these sounds for a skin you develop, you need to place new wav files in your skin directory with similar names and they will be used in place of the default StreetDeck sounds.

    Do NOT delete or modify any of the sounds in the default sounds directory without first moving them into your skin directory.

    You may notice that some of the wav files in the default sound directory include a number in parenthesis at the end of them. This is a simultaneous instance count and is used internally by StreetDeck and not something you should worry about or use. When overriding the wav file with one in your own skin directory, do not include this number or the parenthesis.

    For example, to overload the sound that is made when a button is pressed in your skin called "ExampleSkin", you should create a file called PRESS.wav in the My Documents\StreetDeck\UI\Skins\ExampleSkin directory. Note that the default sound file it is replacing is actually called PRESS(8).wav Developer (I am Chuck)
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