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Why the mobile phone meshing forum exists

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  • Why the mobile phone meshing forum exists

    Based on our experiences at CES this year MP3car is creating this new forum. “Mobile phone meshing – Safely Connect your car to the internet cloud”

    This forum is going to be a lot more than just connecting. This is going to be the place to talk about hacking and meshing your mobile computing devices into the car. If we can find a way to connect Iphones and smart phones into existing in vehicle displays and controls, this will be a wonderful benefit for those of us who just want to carry one device and developers trying to prove out connected car concepts.

    Same of the challenges we need to work on:
    • Phone user interface retooling and modifications for the driver
    • Connecting your smart phone to the car
    • Connecting accessories to the above (hard drives, flash memory, GPS, engine diagnostics, tracking)
    • Mirroring your built in phone display with the display in the car
    We have also created a specific iphone section to talk about some of the early progress already being made to mirror the video content of the iphone with external displays - an excellent start to phone phone car meshing.

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    I think this is a great idea, but I have one suggestion:
    Instead of only giving the iPhone its own section, make a section for each major smartphone OS. and then one for all of the other random phones.

    iPhone(Mobile OSX)
    Windows Mobile
    Everything Else


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      yea i also think this is a good idea


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        I'm actually working on solutions to some of the problems noted above. Contact me if you have a business proposition. Examples, navigation from an android phone (turn left, turn right) could be displayed on the cars radio when/if it has ipod interface or FM RDS radio in additional to saying "Take next left" over the speakers.... Streaming Pandora radio from phone to car speakers without wires, inclduing song name at car's OEM radio, TXT messages read outloud as they arrive and displayed on OEM radio panels and finally if car has steering wheel controls with ipod interface they would work automatically (without integration to car controls) when user needs to change to "next song" on streaming internet radio, next mp3 from flash drive or next txt message....