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Samsung I760 - Tether your verizon iphone

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  • Samsung I760 - Tether your verizon iphone

    Here is a great program I found with very simple to use instructions on how to configure a phone such as the Samsung I760 to tether it's connection to your laptop without having to pay the excess tethering fee of $15 a month, and instead just using your data plan. I hope this helps others as much as it has helped me.

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    I've been tethering my Motorola K1M for some time now. I got the drivers from Motorola's website. One thing that I had to do that wasn't in this guy's tutorial was change the login that the phone uses for tethering. Without doing this, I would only get a page that said something like "... this device is not authorized for Dial-Up Networking. Contact customer service for more information..."

    Edit: Then again, maybe that's what the CAB file does.
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      btw- if you have ANY wm device (i have an i760 too), you should use WMWifiRouter. it's pretty much the end-all be-all app for connectivity. this app allows you to share your cell broadband over wifi, broadband over bluetooth, wifi over usb, or wifi over bluetooth, and like 2 other options i can't think of at the moment. it's pretty much like the swiss army knife of connectivity for pda phones. i think it's like $20 or $30 to register (there's a free trial period tho) DEFINITELY WORTH THE MONEY. you will not be disappointed. i'm done now.


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        You don't even need to pay for any software. Verizon removed the Internet Sharing App. Just google for it (XDA-Developers). Install that app back on your wm device. Then do bluetooth internet sharing. I have been doing this for 2 to 3 years now flawlessly. Even with WM6.1 and sharing internet with my Linux EEEPC via bluetooth also works with the USB cable. I have verizon and my phone is a HTC Vogue (xv6900) but I first started the bluetooth internet with a Samsung i730.
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