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centrafus and cell phone

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  • centrafus and cell phone


    i have CF, and a Nokia 6233.
    i cant make a call from CF, if i call from the phone i can hear the sound in the speaker.

    Since phoco is gone, is there any other prog that is good to use with cf,
    or as standalone.

    Have a nice weekend ya all..

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    I also use cf i used 2.0 and am currently testing 3.0 I have had no issues with the bluetooth phone I am using it with the Iphone 3g + a Mytouch 3g so my deductions would leave me to believe that it is your phone that may be causing the problem, But to answer your question I am unaware of any other program that can be used. Bluesoliel has a new bluetooth phone program that you may be able to intergrate but unless you are a developer you will need some help with that you also have one other option chnage your phone. hope this has helped.