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  • Texting via CarPC

    I recently came across this app called TelePort Extender. It's developed by Intel, so of course they programmed the PC client to be incompatible with AMD processors, but if you are using an Intel chipset, it's quite nice. It uses a corresponding app for Android & may be available on iPhone, too. It automatically syncs with your phone when you connect and loads up all your contacts, call history & stored text messages.

    My only gripe is the lack of customization options.

    Are there any other programs that allow similar integration between smartphones and PC? I'd like to see it go a few steps further and allow calls via the PC, customizable fonts & resizing.

    Found this on Intel's website, more clearly describing the software and what it does:

    The Intel® Teleport Extender App – Your PC and Smartphone Working Better Together
    Posted By Eva Levin onJanuary 20, 2012

    Don’t miss a thing – Share your (Android*) smartphone texting and key features securely and conveniently with your PC with Intel® TelePort Extender app.
    The top 10 reason why this app is super cool:
    Voice call notification with Caller ID right on your desktop even when your smartphone is not in sight
    Leverage PC keyboard for easy SMS messaging
    SMS conversation window interface makes it easier to follow the discussion
    Encrypted connection for safe texting, protecting caller/contact information
    Easy setup and pairing of Intel based computer* running Windows 7 and Android smartphone*
    Multi-device pairing with auto connection
    Phone contact list on PC with picture
    Ease of search with call and SMS history archived on PC
    Smartphone battery indicator
    Send address from PC to phone for easy GPS mapping

    Note: *Requires a genuine Intel® processor-based computer with Windows* 7 Home Premium or better OS, Intel® TelePort Extender application installed on the sharing session host PC and each Android device (v2.2 or better). Host PC and devices must be connected to the same wireless network.

    Website URL:
    Download Android app by searching “Intel TelePort Extender” on Android Market Place
    Download Host PC application:
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    Be nice if it had a on screen keyboard too, or opened the windows one


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      I actually use something similar on my Android phone that I wrote a couple years ago. Never got audio over bluetooth working quite right, but I can call, pickup, and send/read txt messages. I never really saw anything else quite like it, I think it's really cool that someone is finally doing something in the commercial world of this sort.
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        interesting, basically phone connectivity via PC over wifi. too bad it doesn't support calling, or non-Intel processors.
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          Non-Intel processors are out of the question, at least until Intel starts charging for the software, but I talked to a friend at Intel and he relayed my feedback requesting font customization, built-in on-screen keyboard options, and voice call support.

          Font stuff is easy to justify, because of different screen sizes and individual preferences.

          The OSK can be justified by the rise of Windows 8 and it's metro interface design

          Voice support is just plain handy, as this can be justifiable in a house where your phone may be charging in the bedroom but you are at you computer. I only hope it's possible over wifi.

          An iPhone version of the app may not be out of the question but I'm unaware of any plans for that.

          I'll keep you guys posted with any info I may get.


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            It's amusing, that something simple like this is limited to intel processors. I mean, you have to actually TRY to limit yourself, it's an intentional bullet in the foot. intel does this a lot though. *shrug*
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              I understand your feelings on that, and believe me, so do many many many users who downloaded the app before reading the full description, but Intel spent 1.2 mil initially developing this and that doesn't count the money put into further enhancements/support and they are offering this for free. As an android user (into the whole open market and hating restrictions), I do feel the sting of injustice, but as a business man, I understand the reason behind it. If they start charging for the software, or sell it to a 3rd party who will develop the program further, I think we will see the CPU restriction lifted.

              LOL, or maybe someone will just crack/reverse-engineer it and remove that bit of code.


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                any up date on this?