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HSDPA modem - sim copy - phone functions without bluetooth/smartphone

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  • HSDPA modem - sim copy - phone functions without bluetooth/smartphone

    Found on here that you can get your sim card duplicated, and it will automatically switch between the last unit turned on.

    So is there a plugin for either RR or CF that'll allow you to have full phone functions without the need for a phone? Struggling to find one or a solution.

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    Interested...where can you get it for the modem there are hspa modems that you can flash with phone functionality but i believe the audio mic in hardware isnt there.they have a front end dialer which works.

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      Well my intentions were to use a n130 laptop lying about which has the modem built in, just fit a sim card.

      Seems alot of people are having bluetooth issues with both front ends, me included, could solve that issue?

      Could then use that for the internet in car. Couldn't justify an extra outlay for another sim just for internet.


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        Fairly sure I could get the internet working on the laptop with my simcard, just have to get hold of the mobile broadband settings with the data enabled.

        After a bit more searching, I found this...

        And a bit more searching I think shows the 2 modem options available for my old laptop do both have voice function.

        So what software could you use to make the calls?


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          Short of using the mobile partner dashboard (never used there dialer) in CF with say the apploader plugin. could get kinda janky while driving as you really need it to auto popup so you can deal with might get lucky and windows will recognize that there is a phone call happening and be able use the built in options that windows has....mute..reduce audio by 80% and so on.... If you had a joycon steering wheel adapter you may be able to map a button to just answer/end your for a actual dialer huawei mobile partner may be you only option to actually dial a specific number.

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            Sound, cheers, I'll give it a go. Suprised there isn't more of a demand for it to be honest.

            Does mobile partner use the internet to make the call?
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