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GM vehicle connection with Google Nexus One

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  • GM vehicle connection with Google Nexus One

    Sorry this is so commercial but I thought people here would find this cool even though its probably too expensive right now for hacker applications.


    Lately there has been some press about how GM is working with Google and its Android operating system. We are happy to tell our customers they can start using Android soon. We have made it possible to connect your vehicle to Android using your neoVI FIRE device. Beginning last November, Intrepid has been working towards providing a connection to Android for display and control of vehicle data.

    Please see this video of the neoVI FIRE connected to a Google Nexus One:

    To make this happen we have built a Bluetooth card that plugs into neoVI FIRE. This Bluetooth card connects to the CoreMini scripting engine and provides data using the Text API. Basically, any application signals in your script can be displayed or entered from the device.

    On the Android side we have created an application called Spy Mini. This application is a basic data viewer/controller for the signals in a panel form. The panel can contain text displays, meters, plots, LEDs and buttons. The Spy Mini application is dual purpose because it provides a Android OS Server that will provide vehicle data to applications you create using the Android SDK.

    The best part about it is that the neoVI FIRE stand-alone scripting function still works when enabled with Bluetooth. This means your applications such as logging, simulation, CCP/XCP, diagnostics or ECU flashing have the option of a rich GUI experience provided by Android."